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I see many people write on their Facebook postings;   Your great.  It should be;  You’re great. Because you’re is the short way to say you are. You’re fantastic. You’re coming to the movies with me. You’re beautiful.  The word your, is used when you are talking about something belonging to another person whom you are talking toYour house. Your car. Your face is pretty. People from other countries are very interested in learning our language. Some people make a big issue that  foreigners should learn our English language if they are going to live in our country. Well, we should learn our English language correctly. Pretty soon, people from other countries will be able to speak and spell English better than we do.  It is fun to speak it correctly, and it is easier on the ears to hear others speak it correctly. I happen to be associated with people in my every day life who don’t speak it correctly. One of them loves to be corrected and learn so that he can be well spoken. The other one doesn’t care, and when people hear him speak, they know he is uneducated. Speaking incorrectly doesn’t mean one is not intelligent in other fields, but it does mark you as being stupid, and  people may shun you.