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The English language , as we all know,  is a concatenation of different languages, but to lose the correct usage of words by contagion of error in today’s society from early on in one’s life, will eventually create disharmony. By disharmony I mean how the misuse causes a disruption in the flow of a sentence to an educated listener and also to the purity of our English language where the influx of people from other countries will learn the incorrect way.

Dictionaries are now listing and accepting the incorrect way to say something, by labeling it as “non standard”.   Contagion of error from one person to the next has made it “okay” because a teacher or parent has passed on the wrong way to one’s students or children.

My mother’s first language was Spanish, yet she grasped the correct usage of English words and taught it to her children for which I am very grateful.

Having been a teacher primarily with the very young, I heard the beginnings of the misuse of words and saw that there was and still is a need for lessons that involve not only the children, but the children’s parents and teachers.

I have created an educational series called, “Miss Olivia Series”. They are interactive and are designed to be used with or without supervision, depending on the reading level of the user. The great thing about them is that they can be used anywhere. No CD’s or computers needed.

Not only are the lessons for children, they are also excellent for ESL students and Tutors.

My goal is to help reestablish some of the words that we use every day into correct usage. The end product is that we all will be speaking English correctly and will be in harmony with an educated ear.

A man cannot utter two or three sentences without disclosing to intelligent ears precisely where he stands in life and thought”. Ralph Waldo Emerson


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