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The definition of the word Vocabulary, means all the words contained in a language. The word vocabulary comes from the word Vocable, meaning to call. So, if one has words that one knows, he or she can easily call upon those words to express what one has to say. Lacking descriptive words or phrases, leaves one fumbling around to be understood. The person’s perception may be high and beautiful, but lacking words to describe what one sees and wants to share, limits one.
The brown snake looked so pretty when the old skin came off, could be; The spectacular iridescence of the Brazilian Rainbow Boa after it shed, was a delight to behold. Or at least; When the snake shed, the colors of the skin had rainbow colors.
Learn a new word every day. If you find yourself without the word to describe something you want to say, ask someone who is knowledgeable and then look up the word in a dictionary to make sure it is right and use that word in sentences until you have it as your own. It is important to look up the word for yourself so that you don’t begin to operate on a wrong word. Contagion of error is what you want to avoid. Learning new words every day is fun and expands your horizons. The more words you learn, even if difficult in the beginning, increases your knowledge about many things as you progress.
Having more words to call upon to express yourself, frees ones mind to communicate without limitation.



  1. Love it!! Also, possibly the Spanish word “voz” and Italian “voce” have a Latin origin with the root “voc”?

  2. Yes! That’s right! It is of Latin origin.

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