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I had a guest come to my home who is from China. I was told that the family she is staying with is paid money for her room and board. The guest is a visiting student in America. She spoke perfect English. We had a wonderful conversation and I was impressed with her intelligence and complete confidence. Some days later,I just happened to come across the program when searching for the definitions  regarding testing the English language. Teaching positions are offered in Beijing China Universities and they want the students to learn English conversation.  The Chinese guest who came here has obviously been amongst English speaking people who know how to speak English correctly. The program of American teachers going there to China, or having the students come to America, is quite active. There are other countries involved in this. There must be a high value on the importance of learning the English Language correctly. My stance on this is that all Americans should take pride in their countries language and learn to speak it correctly. My book, Miss Olivia Series, is under revision and also being converted to an iPad version. As soon as the final stages are completed, I’ll be posting how and where to purchase either version. The iPad application will only be $2.00, and this will enable the fun and interactive lessons to be learned anywhere. The application has the feature of it being read aloud by a voice, and you can follow along as you turn the pages. Richly colored illustrations give demonstrations of the lessons, as well as accompanying stories. What is great about the book, is that you can have instant results!


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