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Source: The Story of “Mangoes and Sculpture”.

Getting Respect

If you feel shunned by some people who may size you up because of simple misuse of the English Language, this iPad book can help you. If you know of a person who has some difficulty with speaking English Correctly, you can gift them this iPad book. It can be viewed and listened to on any iphone. The app has a female voice reading to you, so even if you can’t read, she will give you the lessons. This is an inexpensive gift, yet the lessons are very valuable and easy to learn. Please enjoy and gift my book to people.

My educational book; “Learn To Speak English Correctly Right Now!” , is now in eBook form. Very affordable!

Learn to Speak English Correctly Right Now!: Miss Olivia Series

This book is to be shared with anyone who is interested in speaking the English language correctly. It is the first of a series and really helps the person grasp why something is said the way it is. Fun and interactive lessons get the reader involved. The bright illustrations enable fuller understanding. Please order the book and write back to let me know how it has helped you or others.

I was thrilled to read this morning about Captain James Arruda Henry, who, after hearing about another man who learned to read and write in his 90’s, decided to learn too. Now, the notes that he wrote about his life and experience have been made into a book that has become an inspiration to other functional illiterates.

Fan mail pours in from inspired families and he cries when he reads some of them. He has also become a speaker in schools to encourage the importance of reading and writing.

I personally know how illiteracy keeps one from functioning as largely as one could. A person’s reach in life is kept small, out of unknowns and embarrassment.  Reading, writing and speaking one’s language correctly is fulfilling and life expanding.


“I don’t got no pets”, or even, “I don’t have no pets”, is really saying that you do have pets. Look at the wording carefully and you will see what is being said. The word “any”, which means; even one thing or a little of something, should take the place of the word, “no”, in both of these sentences. In the first sentence, the word have, should replace the word, got.The sentence would be, “I don’t have any pets”. The word “any” is needed to show what you don’t have. I don’t have any shoes. I don’t have any candles. I don’t have any coffee. If you said, “I don’t have no coffee”, you are really saying that you do. The sentence is also incorrect because you are not supposed to have two words that indicate a negative in one sentence. You need to have a word that puts something there and another word that takes it away. She doesn’t have any sugar. “Doesn’t”, takes it away, “any”, puts it there.

Show what you don’t have by including the word, any.

The following quote is on the cover of my book, soon to be reissued with more chapters and illustrations, both as an iPad app and paper version.

“A man cannot utter two or three sentences without disclosing to intelligent ears precisely where he stands in life and thought”.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

The definition of the word Vocabulary, means all the words contained in a language. The word vocabulary comes from the word Vocable, meaning to call. So, if one has words that one knows, he or she can easily call upon those words to express what one has to say. Lacking descriptive words or phrases, leaves one fumbling around to be understood. The person’s perception may be high and beautiful, but lacking words to describe what one sees and wants to share, limits one.
The brown snake looked so pretty when the old skin came off, could be; The spectacular iridescence of the Brazilian Rainbow Boa after it shed, was a delight to behold. Or at least; When the snake shed, the colors of the skin had rainbow colors.
Learn a new word every day. If you find yourself without the word to describe something you want to say, ask someone who is knowledgeable and then look up the word in a dictionary to make sure it is right and use that word in sentences until you have it as your own. It is important to look up the word for yourself so that you don’t begin to operate on a wrong word. Contagion of error is what you want to avoid. Learning new words every day is fun and expands your horizons. The more words you learn, even if difficult in the beginning, increases your knowledge about many things as you progress.
Having more words to call upon to express yourself, frees ones mind to communicate without limitation.

I see many people write on their Facebook postings;   Your great.  It should be;  You’re great. Because you’re is the short way to say you are. You’re fantastic. You’re coming to the movies with me. You’re beautiful.  The word your, is used when you are talking about something belonging to another person whom you are talking toYour house. Your car. Your face is pretty. People from other countries are very interested in learning our language. Some people make a big issue that  foreigners should learn our English language if they are going to live in our country. Well, we should learn our English language correctly. Pretty soon, people from other countries will be able to speak and spell English better than we do.  It is fun to speak it correctly, and it is easier on the ears to hear others speak it correctly. I happen to be associated with people in my every day life who don’t speak it correctly. One of them loves to be corrected and learn so that he can be well spoken. The other one doesn’t care, and when people hear him speak, they know he is uneducated. Speaking incorrectly doesn’t mean one is not intelligent in other fields, but it does mark you as being stupid, and  people may shun you.

I had a guest come to my home who is from China. I was told that the family she is staying with is paid money for her room and board. The guest is a visiting student in America. She spoke perfect English. We had a wonderful conversation and I was impressed with her intelligence and complete confidence. Some days later,I just happened to come across the program when searching for the definitions  regarding testing the English language. Teaching positions are offered in Beijing China Universities and they want the students to learn English conversation.  The Chinese guest who came here has obviously been amongst English speaking people who know how to speak English correctly. The program of American teachers going there to China, or having the students come to America, is quite active. There are other countries involved in this. There must be a high value on the importance of learning the English Language correctly. My stance on this is that all Americans should take pride in their countries language and learn to speak it correctly. My book, Miss Olivia Series, is under revision and also being converted to an iPad version. As soon as the final stages are completed, I’ll be posting how and where to purchase either version. The iPad application will only be $2.00, and this will enable the fun and interactive lessons to be learned anywhere. The application has the feature of it being read aloud by a voice, and you can follow along as you turn the pages. Richly colored illustrations give demonstrations of the lessons, as well as accompanying stories. What is great about the book, is that you can have instant results!